Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas pictures!

I have so fallen in love with my StoryBook Creator Software.  Today, I designed my Christmas picture on it,  super cute and easy, and the best part?  I ordered them on Snapfish...had a coupon code...I got 140 pictures for $1.40!  With shipping the total was $9.90!  For 140 Christmas cards!!  That will fit nicely in the budget! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Open House

It's that time of year again...time for my Fall/Christmas Open House! 
The perks of attending my Open House you might ask?  Well...there's:
  • Crop for FREE!  I'll have my cool new border maker you can try out, along with my other tools to use.
  • 10% off all Albums, Pages, Protectors and Tape Runner!
  • discontinued items 50% off Clearance 
  • 2 door prizes (a cute Christmas paper pack with photo mats and die cuts, and tape runner with pen set)
  • a FREE gift just for attending,
  • a gift for filling out a wish list 
  • a gift with purchase of $40 or more!   
  • Browse the new products, including the adorable new albums that are 10% off!
  • Yummy food!
I'm having my Open House during my regular crop time, this coming Thursday, Nov. 10th 10am-5pm and in the evening 6-10pm at my home.  (email or Facebook me for directions)
Please RSVP if you plan on coming by Nov. 9.
Door Prize!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children love Albums!

This is one of the reasons why I scrapbook.   I walked into the living room the other day to find both of my kids sprawled on the couch looking at their scrapbooks.  I believe kids having their own ablums is important.  As a child, my aunt made me a scrapbook with my name sewn on the cover.  Nothing like we have today...I think it was the old magnitic kind where the page is sticky and the pictures stick to the page. (gasp!) Often as a kid I would go through the album and rearrange the pictures and play with it.   Looking through the album gave me a sense of belonging, an identity.  As a mom, I want to pass that along to my children.  And I hope they enjoy their albums as much as I did mine...but please don't rearrange the pictures! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun New Products

As promised in my newsletter, I'm posting some links (and a few pics of my own) for the new products... they officially lauched today so here they are!  New traditional products are, the Reflections Power Palette and coordinating photo album, the new Gratitude line (from the Nancy O'Dell series) which includes papers, title stickers, embellishments, and an album!  (pictured below)
Big changes have come in the Picfolio line of albums, the 12x12 Max Album is now expandable!  Covered in black exquisite leather, a "window" on the front provides a place for your photo.  You must see this album!  To go along with the new Reflections and Gratitude lines are two 11x14 Picfolio's, both feature the new window on the front as well.  Numerous new Photo Accents kits are out as well to help you complete your Picfolio albums quickly and beautifully.  (cause that's the point right?  We don't have all day to work on our albums!)

My favorite new can now design your own cover for a traditional album!  So your picture, or your design will be on the front of your album!!  How awesome is that!  You can either, upload a picture, use one of their design templates, or design something in Storybook software and upload it, it's that easy!
For you decorators out there, we have a new sleek, modern version of the Everyday Display in white and black!  And if you just need to organize your photos, check out the beautiful new power sort box, it matches the Reflections line!  There's more products I didn't mention for the sake of space, (and your attention span) :) if you want to check them all out, just click here

                                                           Gratitude Album

                                            11x14 Picfolio Reflection Album 

The SPECIALS for the month of September, any of the new albums when purchased with a set of pages (bundled) are 25% off!  For example, the new traditional albums when you purchase the album bundle (albums + set of white pages and protectors) is $43, purchased separately it would have been $57.50.   Picfolio bundles, you get an album plus a set of mulit-pocket pages for $43.50-$45 (original $58-$60) depending on  the album.  If you are interested in one of the albums, September would be a great month to buy one!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FANtastic sale

Creative Memories competed in the Minnesota’s Best Brand competition organized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. We went head to head with Target, Arctic Cat, Wheaties, Mall of America, Dairy Queen and, finally, the incredible Mayo Clinic – and we won!  So to thank their fans and supporters Creative Memories is having a FANtastic sale July 22-28, over 120 products are 20%-40% off!   This is an awesome deal!

 12x12 Coversets: 20% off

 Hardcover StoryBooks: $10 off
12x12, 11x8.5 and 8x8

Scrapbook pages and protectors 20% off
(excludes side-loading sleeves)

Paper packs 40% off
(includes cardstock)

Additions 20% off

I'm going to be placing an order Tuesday or Wednesday so let me know by then if you want to order anything. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Double Dip Rewards

Double most things is usually pretty good right?  Well in July when you host a party you receive double rewards!  With a party sales of $250 instead of the 15% percent hostess credit you'd receive 30%!  That's $75 in FREE product!  If you had $400 in sales you'd receive $120 in free product!  And if that's not enough, if your sales reach $400 or more you can purchase the hostess bundle (an $84 value) for only $44.95!  There's also great customer specials as well...$10 off the travel album bundle and 12x12 hardcover storybook.  Not to mention the 25% off Maker/punches special!  So July is a great time to host a party!  If you don't think you could get enough friends together on the same night we could always do a catalog/online party, and you would receive the same hostess credit.  

Also, I'm having my July crop this Thursday 10am-5pm and in the evening 6-10pm.  So if you need a break from this heat come on over! ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maker Mania + new products!

If you like to use Makers (punches) when scrapbooking, raise your hand. :)  If you raised your hand this sale is for you!!  All Creative Memories Makers are 25% off for the month of July!  Now that's a sale to celebrate about.   If you are going on vacation this summer you will need to check out the new Travel Makers. 
Also we have new travel and sport products this month.  (Just in time for all those baseball games and vacations you will be taking pictures at.)  I absolutely love the new travel album and additions!  Too bad I'm not going on any fun vacations this summer...
And last but not least...we have a new border maker!  With this nifty new tool you can really add some pizazz to your pages. 
So make sure to check out all the New Products, (there's more than I mentioned here)!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Album Bundles

We have an album bundle special running through the end of May.  Bundle includes one of the four new albums ( Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Fun & Fab and Wish), 2 packs of white pages and 2 packs of page protectors, all for $62 (valued at $82).  That's like buying the pages and protectors and getting the album for $11!  I bought the Fun and Fab album for June and I LOVE it!

The Fun and Fab's so fun!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Catalog

So I decided not to send out a mini catalog with my newsletter this month but if you'd like to see it, check out the link.  Or you can always go to, to see the newest Traditional and Photo Solutions  products.  Some of the new products include, two new Power Palettes, four new Quick Kits, new photo accents kits for your Milestone Picfolio albums, and an adorable new Hummingbird Milestone album, you have to see!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Make the time

As a busy mom with many responsibilities I know it's difficult most times to make the time to scrapbook.  There seems to be many more pressing things to do.  But when we scrapbook, we aren't simply putting pictures in albums...we are perserving memories...and in the end, sometimes memories are all we have. 

Several years ago my mom and I went through all of my Grandmother's pictures, organized them, and I arranged them in several albums.  I loved looking through my Grandma's pictures and learning about her childhood growing up during the depression.  The benefits though, didn't stop when I finished the albums...they continue today.  Multiple times, my Grandma has thanked me, and the whole extended family has treasured those albums.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because a few days ago, I received another letter from my Grandma, thanking me for the see, my grandpa is on his deathbed, and she was going through the albums treasuring their 64 years together.  I want to share with you the poem she wrote to me:

Tonight I looked at the albums again!
Just to remember where we've been.
Now, who will be the first to go?
Lay under summer's sun and winter's snow.

Lets keep our eyes on the Eastern sky!
And follow His Word and not ask, "why?"
It will be all over when the last trump sound
Let's strive for Peace - May true love abound!

When he's gone, the only thing left of him she will have are those pictures and memories.  So, make time today to chronicle those precious moments, then they will be remembered for years to come. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking the plunge

I've decided to dive into a whole new world...the blogosphere!  I'll be using this blog as an outlet for one of my passions...scrapbooking.  My goal with this blog is not only to give you new ideas, or cute layouts or showcase the newest tool or gadget, but hopefully to inspire you to record your family's memories and photos into albums.  So come and join me on this adventure!