Monday, March 14, 2011

Make the time

As a busy mom with many responsibilities I know it's difficult most times to make the time to scrapbook.  There seems to be many more pressing things to do.  But when we scrapbook, we aren't simply putting pictures in albums...we are perserving memories...and in the end, sometimes memories are all we have. 

Several years ago my mom and I went through all of my Grandmother's pictures, organized them, and I arranged them in several albums.  I loved looking through my Grandma's pictures and learning about her childhood growing up during the depression.  The benefits though, didn't stop when I finished the albums...they continue today.  Multiple times, my Grandma has thanked me, and the whole extended family has treasured those albums.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because a few days ago, I received another letter from my Grandma, thanking me for the see, my grandpa is on his deathbed, and she was going through the albums treasuring their 64 years together.  I want to share with you the poem she wrote to me:

Tonight I looked at the albums again!
Just to remember where we've been.
Now, who will be the first to go?
Lay under summer's sun and winter's snow.

Lets keep our eyes on the Eastern sky!
And follow His Word and not ask, "why?"
It will be all over when the last trump sound
Let's strive for Peace - May true love abound!

When he's gone, the only thing left of him she will have are those pictures and memories.  So, make time today to chronicle those precious moments, then they will be remembered for years to come. 

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