Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Album Bundles

We have an album bundle special running through the end of May.  Bundle includes one of the four new albums ( Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Fun & Fab and Wish), 2 packs of white pages and 2 packs of page protectors, all for $62 (valued at $82).  That's like buying the pages and protectors and getting the album for $11!  I bought the Fun and Fab album for June and I LOVE it!

The Fun and Fab's so fun!


  1. Question for you - when journalling a family album, do I refer to myself in the third person ("Mommy did such and such") or admit that I'm the scrapbooker behind the album? And, on that subject, how to I refer to myself when I make an album that will be copied for us and for the grandparents (Disney)? =}

  2. I think it depends on the album...with a kids album you can journal like it's from you to them i.e. mommy was so proud when you did this, or using "you" when referring to the child instead of their name makes it sound more personal. I usually forget to write like that cause it's not my normal writing style. When I journal in family albums I usually use "I" when referring to me cause everyone knows who did the album in our family! :)
    For an album though that's going to be shared, I would prolly refer to yourself in the third person or with your name. When it's sitting on your in-laws table (that is who took you to Disney, right?) people who are going through it won't know who the scrapbooker was.
    Hope that helps!