Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun New Products

As promised in my newsletter, I'm posting some links (and a few pics of my own) for the new products... they officially lauched today so here they are!  New traditional products are, the Reflections Power Palette and coordinating photo album, the new Gratitude line (from the Nancy O'Dell series) which includes papers, title stickers, embellishments, and an album!  (pictured below)
Big changes have come in the Picfolio line of albums, the 12x12 Max Album is now expandable!  Covered in black exquisite leather, a "window" on the front provides a place for your photo.  You must see this album!  To go along with the new Reflections and Gratitude lines are two 11x14 Picfolio's, both feature the new window on the front as well.  Numerous new Photo Accents kits are out as well to help you complete your Picfolio albums quickly and beautifully.  (cause that's the point right?  We don't have all day to work on our albums!)

My favorite new can now design your own cover for a traditional album!  So your picture, or your design will be on the front of your album!!  How awesome is that!  You can either, upload a picture, use one of their design templates, or design something in Storybook software and upload it, it's that easy!
For you decorators out there, we have a new sleek, modern version of the Everyday Display in white and black!  And if you just need to organize your photos, check out the beautiful new power sort box, it matches the Reflections line!  There's more products I didn't mention for the sake of space, (and your attention span) :) if you want to check them all out, just click here

                                                           Gratitude Album

                                            11x14 Picfolio Reflection Album 

The SPECIALS for the month of September, any of the new albums when purchased with a set of pages (bundled) are 25% off!  For example, the new traditional albums when you purchase the album bundle (albums + set of white pages and protectors) is $43, purchased separately it would have been $57.50.   Picfolio bundles, you get an album plus a set of mulit-pocket pages for $43.50-$45 (original $58-$60) depending on  the album.  If you are interested in one of the albums, September would be a great month to buy one!

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