Friday, January 13, 2012

Custom Framing?

     This blog post has nothing to do with scrapbooking...but is does have to do with my other passions, pictures and saving I'm really excited about it!  So here the story goes...
     I've custom framed Christy & Patrick's one-year-picture and they hang in our bedroom.  Since I started this tradition I kinda have to do it with all my kids!  With the other kid's pictures Creative Memories had their custom framing so it was easy and I got them at a discount.  Now that they don't do custom framing anymore I was hoping to find a frame with a mat for June's 1-year picture so I wouldn't have to pay the custom framing price tag.  Heading out to Hobby Lobby, I discovered they don't carry any matted frames in the 10x13 openings which I needed.  While I was trying to figure out what to do a sales lady suggested trying to find a framed picture and using that mat and frame...lightbulb moment...that was a GREAT idea!  I looked around, found one I thought would work for only $15!...the opening was a little big so I bought a mat board to go behind it.  After only a half hour I had my little project completed!    

                                               The picture I bought.

        I took the back off the picture, took the mat off the picture, used my Creative Memories tape runner to secure the picture to the mat board, put it all back together and I had my "custom framed" picture!  

                 The finished picture with a price tag of $23 v. $130!  

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