Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

I don't know about you ladies but I look forward to Valentine's Day. It's the bright spot in the middle of winter!  

Do you need inspiration for a Valentine's gift?  Other than chocolate or a teddy bear I mean.  Consider making an album!  Creative Memories makes this an easy and fun task with two album options.  

First, is the new 8x8 Love album, it's a small album and makes for quick work. You can purchase the matching Love scrapbook kit and you're good to go. This would be a great gift if you have a number of pictures of a specific memory, event, or trip in mind. 

The second option is a Simply Said book.  This is a great way of telling your significant other how you feel about them.  This project can be completed in about an hour.  All you need is a few pictures and a pen. 

So there you have it two great ideas to tell your lover how much you love them in words and not simply lace.. :) Let me know soon if you would like to order something so I can be sure to get them to you in plenty of time to be completed before Valentine's Day. 

And ladies, if you're thinking this might be something YOU'D like to get for Valentine's Day, drop a few hints or you can always give me his name/number and I'll let him know. :)

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